Selling privately in Nova Scotia? Hire a professional Photographer!

Selling privately in Nova Scotia? Now is the time where you could save
a bundle
 by Selling Privately in Nova Scotia.
By hiring a professional Photographer you will be ahead in the game.
30 – 40 professional shots in and out $110.00 Add drone shots just $40!

Photos of your property are perhaps the most important part of the listing!

Selling Privately in Nova Scotia










You could save $10,000 plus when compared to the listing cost,
the more the better. Make sure the walls are straight up
and that there are no rooms that are dark.
shadowy and dark rooms are my nemesis.

That is the word that I’m hearing.
Agents are just using their iPhone and saying that ” we will get
professional photos in a couple of weeks if we don’t sell immediately”

That is doing a disservice to the client!  If professional photographers
had been called in, the photos would pop and shine! They would entice
and welcome.  The photos would invite more competing offers and therefore
more money in the end!

private listing in Nova Scotia












                                                You have to Pick?

Will you sell it yourself?  or use a private sale company? The decision should be easy?