Photos of homes in Nova Scotia

Photos of homes in Nova Scotia. Paul Viau has been shooting homes in the Halifax / Dartmouth area for approximately  10 years
now. A real estate agent for 18+ yrs before going full time with photography.
293-1113     alternatively   My E-mail—

All photos now Sharpened 50 % More!  See REDFIN source

–                            $110 for 30 -40 Shots.

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Photos of Homes in Nova Scotia

High Shots can deliver stunning shots -as well can do excellent quality interior and
exterior shots. 12 brokers all ready us High Shots and we are currently looking for more.
We have a 24hr turn around time. The photos are all touched for lighting, color,
and quality. The walls are all perfectly straight as well.

We have excellent packages for agents!  May be purchased by homeowners as well.

Photos of Homes in Nova Scotia

$110 for an Interior / exterior shoot +- 30-40  shots

$150 for an aerial shoot combined with a normal shoot.

Why not give us a call?  — 902-293-1113

Paul has a background in SEO and specializes in Google Places and placement in search engines.  See what he can do for your business!

 Extreme Sharpening included.  Sharper photos have been found to                                                                        Decrease Market time.  REDFIN   Source

Photos of Homes in Nova Scotia

Don’t forget to order drone shots as well! Aerial shots offer dramatic vistas.
They are eye-catching and give the viewer a better perspective of the property
in question. Often an aerial will provide the client in question a better feel for
how the house or piece of land fits in with the surroundings.

Photos of homes in Nova Scotia.
Drone shots are just $ 40!  ***when ordered with a normal home shoot.

We offer framed versions of Aerials!  Take for example
– This aerial above was mounted for the owner.
These make great gifts or simply a framed piece of art for your home!