Nova Scotia property rental photography – Your best foot forward!

Nova Scotia property rental photography. When browsing the internet for a
home away from home people look at the pictures that appeal to the senses. They
imagine themselves sitting in the living room or relaxing on the deck. Visuals
allow your client to experience your home before they book it. Your ad needs
pictures that make the difference between clicking or scrolling past. Will
renters read more about your property or move on? Potential renters ignore
listings that don’t have pictures or have pictures of poor quality. Pictures are
the single most important factor when determining whether to inquire about a

Drone photos are often spectacular and catch the viewers eye.
Available for $40 when combined with a normal $110 shoot.
Nova Scotia property rental photography

Any size B+B –$110 gets you 30-40 crisp, well-lit photos

People want to know what they are renting. It is a competitive market and pictures
are clearly important. Ensure your Air B n B stands out in a crowd. We at High Shots
Photography can give you the pictures you need to generate inquiries. We know what
attracts renters. We help with staging to highlighting the property’s key features and
our camera angles capture the character of every room. In addition, our drone shots
allow for amazing aerial footage and can capture your property within its immediate

                                  Peggy’s Cove, N.S.

Good photography is an investment.  Invest in your property today.


Nova Scotia property rental photography is just a phone call away and is the best
way to increase visitor traffic to your rental. Just $110 gets you 30-40 great shots
of your interior and exterior. All photos are well it and sharp. You want the pictures
to literally jump off the page.

Remember- Renting a property is highly competitive.  Much like selling a property.
You want every advantage possible on your side. Why not invest in the best photos for
your rental in Nova Scotia.

Available year round. Call 902-293-1113 or

Just ask for Paul.

Nova Scotia property rental photography