Nova Scotia property rental photography – Your best foot forward!

Nova Scotia property rental photography  Is a form of photography
that is becoming increasingly important over the past few years. Now we
seem to have Air – B+Bs popping up  at a crazy rate and people seem to
be missing the point!

Nova Scotia property rental photography

Nova Scotia BnB











Any size B + B –   $80 Gets you crisp , Well lit Photos. 20 -30 .

It’s just like selling a house. The better the photos – The faster the house moves. (provided it
is not overpriced)  Poor photographs are just a waste of your time! People will skip over
your B+B or  chalet or what ever you have for rent if they can’t imagine themselves in
the space enjoying what you have to offer. The photos need to be wide angle and bright
so they can see every inch of what you have.

If I were setting up an AirBNB  I would stage the rooms and get it photographed
professionally! That would be my priority. With the state of the properties out there
on the market I could get it booked solid before the competition for sure! All with a simple
call to High Shots Photography.

Welcome to Nova Scotia! With all the Inns and properties you can stay at. You can insert
photos of local events and local coffee shops etc in your area.










Your rental might be fairly close to Peggy’s Cove Or in St. Margaret’s Bay – Be sure to
include shots of these places.  Terrific sailing to be had in in legendary St Margaret’s Bay.
Show shots of Shining Waters Marina and Someone out in a boat enjoying themselves.

Nova Scotia property rental photography is just a phone call away and is the best way to
increase visitor traffic to your particular rental. Just $80 gets you 30 -40 great shots of your
interior as well as outside shots. And all well lit and sharp. You want the pictures to literally
jump out at you off the page. Chances are I’m shooting in your area soon!

 Available Year round at 902 293 1113

Just ask for Paul.

Nova Scotia property rental photography