Local business photos Nova Scotia – New insights!

Local business photos Nova Scotia.   Do you have a business in Nova Scotia?
How many photos of your storefront, location, Inside your store etc. do you have?
Either way – photos may be posted on your website, Facebook, Instagram or
Google my business
? If you want to rank on Google then it’s becoming crucial that you
have photos professional done for your Business.

Business photography and storefront photos

Sidewalk approach

In the above shot, we show the customer approaching the shop from the left-hand side also shows what is around
the sidewalk. ie; Tables and chairs. We would also have a shot walking from the other side. A shot of the entrance and
a shot of the view from a parked car.  It might seem like overkill or silly to add all the different angles but Google likes
different angles!  Googles best practices states “The photo should be in focus and well lit, and have no photoshop
alterations or excessive use of filters. The image should represent reality.” Source 

Local Business Photos Nova Scotia  —

 $90  for 30 Photos!   – 902 293-1113

The photos should also be of minimum 720 pixels by 720 pixels.  So you should be careful when snapping just any shots
if your thinking of Google placement for your page.  These pictures should be in Google My Business photos section.

I am Paul Viau, the owner of High Shots photography. Over the years I have worked on many businesses Google my Business
accounts and have determined that photos play a huge roll in the effectiveness of ranking on Google.
My cost is fairly low – check out my pricing on my home page.

Other factors do play a part such as Quality of the website, the number of links to the website such as social media links,
and the testimonials from past customers. But 30 or so photos of the business was the framework that really got the ball

Local business photos Nova Scotia

Inside your business


You must include a few inside- including the first look, a wide-angle shot of the whole interior
and then some shots showing the checkout and the people you would find in the store. The more
shots – the better.

High Shots Photography can do Business Shots all over Nova Scotia. ** Fuel surcharge may apply
over 1/2 hr from Halifax.

We can look at your Google My Business account and make suggestions.

Local Business photos Nova Scotia