Drone shots add value and make your property sell faster!

Drone footage

High Shots photography offers drone shots as well as normal. Normal -$110                30 -40 in/out

Added drone shots  $150 inc normal

Whether drone shots simpli make the property stand out  for the clients and emotionally encourage them to buy or provide a more comprehensive view of the property, they do make properties sell faster. In fact, listings with drone shots sell 68% faster than those who don’t . The final and the ultimate goal behind any investment in real estate marketing is to make money by buying or selling homes and drones help in this way.

International Buyers

Thanks to the internet,  property sellers and realtors are able to sell real estate overseas. That said, it is more important than ever to provide stand out visuals for international buyers. And, by marketing to international buyers, realtors and sellers are able to  increase their profit significantly.

Luxury properties, or even those which do not qualify as a luxury home, attract international buyers. These buyers have nothing to rely on except the photos you provide. you must think about this.  Leaving a great first impression on your first-time visitors has a huge impact on the outcome of their journey on your online space. Surprise them with great photos and they will continue to browse. Shock them with a couple of poor photos and you have given them the message that the property is not worth it.

All it takes is 2 or 3 drone Shots of the property to make it stand out. Even in Halifax’s market where it seems every property will sell. Keep in mind the overall quality of the of the pictures!

Photos of Homes in Nova Scotia