Custom Real Estate virtual tours – N.S.

Custom Real Estate virtual tours – N.S. are available through
High Shots Photography in Nova Scotia now.
Made with your best 10 photos! Why bother with the photos
that don’t absolutely make your home shine?

-Ideal for posting to social media channels! Absolutely essential!

Custom Real Estate virtual tours - N.S.

Custom Real Estate virtual tours – N.S.  are only 40 -60 seconds long. They have been designed that way because I am a firm believer that virtual tours are too long. The average watcher drops out of the video at about 1 min 20 sec. I, personally can’t stand to watch a video for more than 2 minutes. That’s why I’ve developed these 45 seconds to 60-second Custom virtual tours.

Available Now for $135!  including Photo shoot.  

Or – $45 dollars if you supply your own photos!

“Statistics that show the benefits of the virtual tour

In the online world, your website is your shop window. Since you are creating a space that will give your customers a presentation of the business that you are running, make sure that you show them something that will impress! The more professional you look online, the bigger the chances to get a phone call and seal the deal.

Real estate is one business market that can really benefit most from using the new tool called the virtual tour. This is a marketing and sales tool that will surely look great on your web site and this is only the beginning.

Having a virtual tour of the house that is on the market is like having an open house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And this is done without any travelling costs or time spent giving each customer the tour. The customers really appreciate having all the time they need in order to check every detail and they will surely love being able to return to the house as many times as they want.

Here are a few statistics that will convince you of the benefits that having a virtual tour on your web site brings.

  • 80% of consumers search for information online.
  • 80% of people surfing the web say images are a must have when deciding to buy a house.
  • Virtual tours can help reduce the amount of the so called wasted viewings by 40%.
  • Listings with virtual tours get clicked on 40% more than listings without virtual tours.”   source

Get your Custom Real Estate virtual tours – N.S.!